Ways to Help


Volunteer Your Time


Volunteers are crucial for the success of the Girl Scout Movement. Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland is proud to have parents, college students, business owners, community leaders, and other supporters give their time to ensure that our next generation of leaders is well-equipped with the skills and experiences they need to help make the world a better place.


Some of the ways in which parents can contribute include:
•    Lead individual badge activities
•    Coordinate service projects
•    Help with crafts
•    Lead songs
•    Be a cookie manager
•    Keep troop records (paperwork, financial account statements, etc.)
•    Manage a phone tree and email list
•    Chaperone for events and meetings
•    Be a driver for trips
•    First Aid provider
•    Attend monthly service unit meetings
•    Baby-sit volunteer’s children during troop meetings


The safety of girls is our highest priority. Please note that any adult, even a troop parent, who regularly interacts with children other than her own will need to complete a volunteer application and background check. This includes any parents who will be transporting or driving other girls, camping, or having access to girls’ or families’ personal information. At least two registered troop volunteers (more depending on safety ratios) must be present with the girls at all times.


Participate in the Family Giving Campaign



Another valuable way for parents to help support the Girl Scout Experience is to participate in the Family Giving Campaign. Every donation, large or small, is needed and appreciated. If your family believes it is important to girls to have a strong sense of self, be connected in a diverse and changing world, and know how to take action as an advocate for themselves, then we hope you will participate in Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland’s Strive for Twenty-Five! Family Giving Campaign.


One hundred percent – every penny of every donation – is used to strengthen and help deliver the dynamic programs that will help build girls of courage, confidence, and character, who make the world a better place. As thanks for the support, girls of families that make a minimum $25 donation will receive a family giving campaign patch.