Strategic Learning


Strategic Learning in Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland 


Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland is currently engaged in its second cycle of the Strategic Learning process. This work will set the direction for the council for 2014-2017.  Strategic Learning is a process that was developed by Willie Pietersen, Columbia University Business School, and adopted by Girl Scouts of the USA several years ago. The key to Strategic Learning is to help build adaptive organizations ready to meet the challenges facing them and prepared to achieve their mission.


The Council Strategy Team, comprised of operational volunteers, board members, community volunteers and council staff members, began their work in April 2013.  They did intensive research to discover the “brutal truths” facing Girl Scouts of the Missouri Heartland and began to develop the strategy that will help the council move forward in achieving the Girl Scout mission. The work of the team was approved by the council board of directors in September 2013.  


This work has produced five Strategic Priorities that will drive all of the efforts of GSMH during this upcoming three-year period. These priorities are:


  • Recruit, develop, retain, recognize and inspire volunteers who are equipped to support the Girl Scout program.
  • Develop and implement fun, quality, outcomes-based leadership experiences for girls.
  • Create sufficient and sustainable council funding by developing the potential of all council revenue streams and increasing contributed income.
  • Develop and implement flexible strategies to increase retention of girls in grades 1-7.
  • Build upon Girl Scouts’ iconic brand to educate the public on the value of the Girl Scout program. 


Staff Gap Teams were assigned to develop strategies to “close the gaps.” The work is now complete. Over the next three years, GSMH staff will be working towards increased local level support to volunteers, refining and increasing revenue streams, and advocating for the value of girls. Read our leadership message which is a summation of this process.



We would like to offer a big “THANK YOU” to all of the volunteers who participated in this process. The time and input you gave to this process is greatly appreciated!