Staff Directory



Name   ext Title Location

Executive Administration

Anne Soots   1103 Chief Executive Officer Springfield
Brigitte Scott 1113 Chief Communications Officer Springfield
Angie Robinson Sullivan 1343 Chief Development Officer Jefferson City
Janet Dingman 1119 Chief Financial Officer Springfield
Valarie Moseley 1308 Chief Membership Services Officer Jefferson City
Missy Cravens 1124 Executive Assistant Springfield


Wendy Whelan 1117  Marketing/Brand Manager Springfield
Lori Enyart 1111 PR/Digital Media Manager Springfield

Customer Data

Heather Duncan 1211  Data Manager/Tech. Support Joplin
Brooke Artym 1219 Clerical Support Joplin
Lori Malvitz 1512 Customer Data Coordinator Cape Girardeau
Kerissa Allbritton 1410 Customer Data Coordinator Dexter
Terry Vignola 1321 Customer Data Coordinator Jefferson City
Heather Mize 1116  Customer Data Coordinator Springfield
Laura Lane 1129 Customer Data Coordinator Springfield


Sandy Vaughn 1514 Properties/Risk Manager Cape Girardeau
Vince Guelbert 1347 Ranger/Maintenance-Central Region properties Jefferson City
Noble Milam 1507 Ranger/Maintenance-Cherokee Ridge Cape Girardeau
Mark Frazier 1130 Ranger/Maintenance-Finbrooke Springfield
Jerry Pierce 1416 Ranger/Maintenance-Latonka Dexter
Mike Henningsen 1219 Ranger/Maintenance-Mintahama/Suzanne Joplin
John Rouintree 1134  PT Maintenance-Springfield Springfield
James Carter 1220 PT Ranger/Maintenance-Friendship Fields Joplin


Susie Smith 1110  Accounting Assistant Springfield
Vicki Sammons 1115 Accounting Assistant Springfield

Human Resources

Joan Gibson 1118 Director of Human Resources Springfield
Sherry Miller 1136 HR/Benefits Coordinator Springfield

Information Technology



Sharlene Wells 1139 IT Manager/Network Administrator Springfield

Leadership and Learning

Courtney Roberts 1413  Leadership and Learning Specialist-GSLE Dexter
Melissa Case 1346  Leadership and Learning Specialist-GSLE Jefferson City
Stefanie McCall 1137 Leadership and Learning Specialist-GSLE Springfield
Melody Hutchison 1122 Leadership and Learning Specialist-Outdoor Program Springfield
Jessi Hawkins 1420 Leadership and Learning Specialist-Volunteerism Dexter
Julie Wall 1328 Leadership and Learning Specialist-Volunteerism Jefferson City
Jessica Kershner  1125  Leadership and Learning Specialist-Volunteerism Springfield


Kara Glaus 1414 Regional Manager - Southeast Dexter
Anne Hyde 1131 Regional Manager - Southwest Springfield
Carolyn Imhoff 1327 Regional Manager - Central Jefferson City
Erin Schloss 1540 Membership Marketing Specialist Cape Girardeau
Jennifer Sokolowski  1412 Membership Marketing Specialist Dexter
TBA   Membership Marketing Specialist Dexter
Emily Steimle
1551 Membership Marketing Specialist Cape Girardeau
Morgan Poole 1348  Membership Marketing Specialist Jefferson City
Kim Honea 1334  Membership Marketing Specialist Jefferson City
Karen Lawrence 1334 Membership Marketing Specialist Jefferson City
Tarryn Gritzner 1323  Membership Marketing Specialist Jefferson City
Rachel Grewe 1205 Membership Marketing Specialist Joplin
Sheena Phillips 1212 Membership Marketing Specialist Joplin
Amanda Addington
Membership Marketing Specialist Springfield
TBA   Membership Marketing Specialist Springfield
Tori  Quinoñes
Membership Marketing Specialist Springfield
Kat Rourke  1106 Membership Marketing Specialist Springfield

Product Program

TBA   Product Program Specialist Cape Girardeau
Sherrey Young  1331 Product Program Specialist Jefferson City
Karen Taylor 1126 Product Program Specialist Springfield

Resource Development

Renee Trout 1418 Resource Development Manager-Annual Giving/Alumnae Dexter
Marsha Boone  1114 Resource Development Manager-Community Partnerships Springfield

Retail and Reception

Kaye Kissee 1138 Retail Manager Springfield
Carla Aufdenberg 1501 Customer Service Assistant Cape Girardeau
Sue Williams  1401 Customer Service Assistant Dexter
Rose Beck 1301 Customer Service Assistant Jefferson City
Felicia Johnson 1201 Customer Service Assistant Joplin
Chelsea Wells 1120 Customer Service Assistant Springfield
Julia West 1101 Customer Service Assistant Springfield