I'm a New Troop Leader


Welcome! Thank you so much for volunteering your time to support a Girl Scout troop. You have taken on a significant responsibility—but also an amazing opportunity to see girls learn and grow together. This year will be filled with inspiring moments as you watch girls try new thing, meet goals, and challenge themselves to step outside their comfort zones.


Now that you’ve completed orientation, here are the next steps for a successful Girl Scout year.




To Do List for New Leaders




After Orientation:

  • Take Age Level Training—available in a home study format, or sign up for one of our in-person training dates—check the Volunteer 411 for full details.
  • Select your meeting date, time, and location. Good locations include schools, churches, libraries, and other public locations. Troops are strongly discouraged from meeting at homes. 
  • Plan a parent information meeting. 
  • If you have two leaders and at least three girls, you are ready to go! 
  • Don’t forget if you recruit a new leader or co-leader to help with your troop, they too will need to complete the volunteer application process to become an approved volunteer. 
  • For more information about getting parents involved in your troop, check out 4 Her Promise. This is a great resource to encourage more parent participation. 
  • Open a troop bank account. Remember that when setting up your bank account, you need three unrelated, background cleared, and registered adults. Visit the Forms and Rescources Library for all the necessary paperwork.
  • A great resource is our Forms and Resources Library. You will find Safety Activity Checkpoints, helpful volunteer information, and forms.  If you are unable to download or print these resources, contact your local leadership and learning specialist—volunteerism for a Volunteer Resource CD.
  • Sign up to receive the council e-blasts, including volunteer newsletters.
  • Connect with your local service unit. Plan to attend service unit meetings and check your inbox for emails with service unit updates. This will keep you better connected to local Girl Scout news, information, and events. If you need help connecting with your service unit, contact your membership marketing specialist for assistance.
  • Register for any additional training that you need, such as Basic Outdoor Skills (required for one-day outings, backyard or cabin camping at a council program center), Basic Troop Camping (required for camping at an established campsite; pre-requisite: Basic Outdoor Skills and sufficient time to practice skills), Basic Troop Camping—accelerated, CPR/First Aid,* or Small Craft Safety and Basic Water Rescue. Complete course descriptions and details can be found in the Volunteer 411.



Contact your membership marketing specialist for additional assistance or with any questions.