Develop Girls into Leaders


Girl Scouts has identified the three keys to leadership: Discover, Connect and Take Action.  Through participation in one of the three Journey Series, girls unlock these three keys to successful leadership.

Each Journey series had an adult guide and a girl book with everything you need to help inspire the girls and to assist them as they go.


It’s Your World-Change It!
It’s Your Planet-Love It!
It’s Your Story-Tell It!


Girls Discover themselves and their values, and use their knowledge and skills to explore the world.    
•    Develop a strong sense of self
•    Develop positive values
•    Seek challenges in the world


A girl Connects with others locally and globally, in a changing and diverse world.
•    Develop healthy relationship.
•    Learn cooperation and team-building
•    Feel connected to their communities



Takes Action to make the world a better place.
•    Identify community needs
•    Educate and inspire others to act
•    Feel empowered to make a difference in the world