Bronze Take Action Projects


What is the Girl Scout Bronze Award?

The Girl Scout Bronze Award is the highest award a Girl Scout Junior can earn. To earn this award, you will work with a team to plan a take action project that will make a difference in the world. Upon completion of your Girl Scout Bronze Award you will discover that you’ve met some great people along the way, developed more confidence, had fun, and have an amazing story to tell!



GSMH Troops Take Action

Girl Scout Junior Troop 30287 made beds for animals and collected supplies for the Jefferson City Animal Shelter as part of their Girl Scout Bronze Award project.



Girl Scout Junior Troop 60146 made hundreds of bracelets for Skaggs Center for Women’s Health to be distributed during October for national Breast Cancer Awareness month. The bracelets are a teaching tool, using two beads: one bead to demonstrate the size of a tumor that a mammogram may detect, another, much larger one, to show the size of the tumor a woman may detect through self-screening.