Be a Role Model


Girls are exposed to both positive and negative role models ranging from older friends and siblings, to teachers, to reality TV stars. All of these people affect how a girl views her own potential. A girl needs to see confidence, leadership and accomplishment in other women to envision herself with these qualities. As a Girl Scout volunteer you can be the role model that makes a difference in the life of a girl.

Girl Scouting supports an adult-girl partnership following the processes of girl-led, learning by doing and cooperative learning.

Girl-led means that girls play an active part in figuring out the “what, where, when, how, and why” of their Girl Scout activities. Girls are more engaged in playing a critical role as decision-makers in the planning and implementation of their activities. As part of an adult-girl partnership, volunteers can use the girl-led process to strengthen and support girls’ empowerment and decision-making roles in activities. Research suggests that youth programs are most effective in producing positive change and eliminating risky behavior when the learning experiences are formulated and implemented by the young people themselves.

Learning by doing is a “hands-on” learning process that engages girls in continuous cycles of action and reflection, resulting in deeper understanding of concepts and mastery of practical skills. Educational experts have found that girls learn best by participating actively and completely in the learning process, and by controlling the nature and direction of their activities and experiences.

Cooperative learning takes place when all members of a group are working together toward a common goal. Cooperative learning is designed to promote the sharing of knowledge, skills, and learning in an atmosphere of respect and cooperation as girls work together on goals that can only be accomplished with the help of others. Working cooperatively in an all-girl environment rich in a diversity of talents, abilities, and backgrounds reinforces individual learning, nurtures an appreciation of difference, and encourages girls to feel powerful and safe as they experience a sense of belonging.